Editing this Saturday

Posted on 8:15 AM by Rob

We will be editing some of the remaining footage this Saturday afternoon and moving one step closer to finishing the documentary. With this pass, I'm hoping that we can thread together Scott's arc and begin to see how the rest of the stories play with or against it.

Summer 2011 Updates

Posted on 12:40 PM by Rob

With summer winding down, I wanted to post some much delayed updates.

The Ginkers film project is in the final stages of post - Eric and Bill and I are liking what we are seeing and happy with the product. The story is emerging with Scott as its center and the surrounding issues of coming of age, Jersey, and of course, metal, the films supporting themes are taking on a nice shape.

A comedic feature-length script entitled, Max Milgram's Bar Mitzvah, I created a few years ago and then reworked with the help of Bill Schlavis is complete and being shopped around. We've gotten positive notes on the story and are hoping to hear something more in the next few months.

Ginkers, alive and well

Posted on 12:32 PM by Rob

Welcome back?

Eric and team Rucksack will be hitting the edits in two weeks bringing us one or two steps closer to wrapping this film up.

More to follow.

Office Space in Red Bank to share

Posted on 7:11 AM by Rob

Recently came across some great office space in downtown Red Bank (next to Starbucks/across from Secret Stash). The office is approx 330 square feet and will be shared.

I will be using the space to hold writing classes 2 nights a week and as a writing space. The other artist will be using it primarily as a space for his illustrators to work and to conduct business/write, etc.

We are looking for a 3rd person to share the space with us. You would have full access to the space whenever a class or meeting was not being held and would be able to work out a calendar/work time when it was exclusively for your use. The remaining hours/days would be shared by all 3 of us. For this reason, your work shouldn't be overly loud, consist of random or frequent visitors, loud conversations, etc. We are both laid back writers looking for someone in the literary, art, fashion or creative field to share a great space with.

Your end would be $200 a month (includes all utilities) this could be reduced to $175 based on less usage. Email me with serious inquiries only: rucksackfilms@gmail.com

A night in the lonesome October.

Posted on 2:25 PM by Rob

I am sure Eric will be the first, maybe the only one, to pull meaning from the title.

The Ginker documentary is now in Eric's good hands as he sees it toward a rough assembly of a first cut. The narration is basically as complete as it can be w/o seeing a cut of the basic finished film and serves as a front-load of the metal culture of the 80s in Jersey for everyone not in the know.

The live-action script version, which is very loosely based on the documentary is quickly becoming a viable script that I intend to either sell or film next summer. At about 60 pages in, I am happy with the form it's taking and the way it seems to be easily coming to life on page.

In related news, The Sixth Ward's favorite drinking song, "Alcohol" is being edited into a video. After shooting 2 separate live performances of the show I am now editing it down into a music video for the band. To hear the song and others, check out thesixthward.net

Enjoy the rest of the fall.

That isn't a moon.

Posted on 5:54 AM by Rob

That isn't a moon, indeed.

With the summer ending we have some new projects, updates, and news from the extended Rucksack Family to share.

Eric, our resident editor and camera op is underway assembling most of the rough selects for the Ginkers documentary. When complete, the narration I am currently writing will be added in and we'll pass it off to Bill to provide a possible score for the film before we do a final cut and drop in the archival footage, new interviews and music.

As I structured the narration I saw a few holes where we missed chances to discuss things with our subjects, mainly Scott, our featured subject/hero. Sometime in the later fall there will be a studio shoot where we will be bringing back all of the subjects to get additional coverage and to have them answer some more questions. At this point, the narration isn't heavy, just serving as an introduction to the story so that we have a bit of a wider appeal than just 80s metal fans as the film is less about the music and the time than it is really about the people who survived it all.

We have raised a pretty paltry $75 dollars so far in trying to raise the funds for music rights and hope maybe some of you out there can save us at the last minute with 5 or 10$ donations. See what you can do and check out indiegogo.com for Ginkers.

Last bit of Ginkers news, I am considering a name change based on some feedback I have gotten from some people who have seen the rough trailer we posted on youtube. A few people have mentioned that they like the title "Steve Austin Eat Your Heart Out" as it has a more quirky and interesting name than Ginkers, which is an uber-isolated term that only a very few will recognize. Thoughts?

In other RF news, I am producing a short shoot for a reality series about college life this fall that I will be pitching to major companies like MTV. If you are 18-30 and are currently in college or attempting to be, please contact us.

Bill's band, The 6th Ward, will be playing to Loop Lounge in Passaic this Saturday night. They are the featured band and will be going on at 10pm. It is a great little venue with a DJ and a cool vibe. Come out.

Enjoy the rain.

Bill S., sound engineer and all around creative force at Rucksack Films is slated to perform with his indie rock band, The 6th Ward playing alongside My Love for Danger on September 11th at the famous Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ.

The 6th Ward will be kicking off a slate of shows that night along with another on Oct. 2nd at the Loop Lounge. MLFD, which includes Frank Barbiere, comic book writer and screenwriter, will be playing after The 6th Ward at the Court.

Both bands play urgent and finely crafted indie rock with punk vibes. Come check out the bands and enjoy a cold PBR.

We will see you there.